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Bicycle Buy and Sell

Interested in advertising on a Bicycle Buy and Sell Facebook group?

We are the UK's largest network of cycling buy and sell groups, providing a linked network of groups that cover the UK. Already in most counties and cities we are the leading bike selling group.

Key features:
  • Regional groups by county or major city allows you to focus your advertising in your catchment area e.g. Somerset or London.
  • The groups are 100% cycling related so all members are in the cycling domain.
  • All members are buying or selling bikes or cycle accessories, so all members have cash to spend on your products.
  • We are proactively growing group membership numbers for you, bringing new people to the attention of your business. Why not use our vast knowledge and experience of Facebook marketing to promote your business.
How does it work?
  • Only paying commercial advertisers (i.e. you) are allowed to submit commercial posts.
  • Strict rules and administration block other businesses (i.e. your competitors) posting for free (many try but get deleted!).
Available options:
  • Sponsor one or many group banner pictures (the picture at the top of the group).
  • Pinned post on one or many groups.
  • Limited or unlimited posting to one or many groups.
  • Post, pinned post or banner picture on the Bicycle Buy and Sell Facebook Page.
  • Advertisement with click-through from home page.
  • Promotion via Bicycle Buy and Sell's additional social media presence e.g. TwitterGoogle+ and Blogger.
  • You website address added to group information. 
How much does it cost?
  • From as little as £10 per month - we can tailor a package that suits your requirements.
  • Commit to three months minimum.
Where else can you get such good advertising? One step ahead of the competition, in exactly the area you want, to exactly the people you need. We are growing very fast and feel that this is a unique opportunity to promote your business. 

How do I proceed?