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20th January 2015


The group has been setup for members to buy and sell bike related goods online at no cost. Setup by cyclists for cyclists.

The ‘Bicycle Babble’ group can be used for all non-buying and selling cycle related posts. If you need general feedback then post your question to this group. 

Most of this document is considered mainly to be common sense and the length of this document is designed to cover the nitty-gritty and disclose reasons behind our rules and regulations. These rules exist to make the use of this site as pleasurable as possible – not to hinder those that want to use it for its intended purposes.

It is advisable any serious seller should give it a proper read, where as buyers should have enough common sense, if they are polite and normal human beings.

Immediate Banning
The following rules will result in an immediate ban, as we believe its general etiquette of selling online in such Facebook groups. Most of this is believed to be common sense and not warrant any warning:-

1.      Advertising another group
We have (current and previous) worked very hard to maintain this level of users. We’re not willing to give you a pool of people to invite away at your finger tips. More commonly known as “pissing in someone else’s pool”

2.      Blocking an Admin
Generally shows you have something to hide So we would rather not take any risks

3.      Illegal Activity
If you’re selling stolen goods, fakes, counterfeits, copies, etc.  It’s just asking for trouble for us, and we are not willing to even be considered for aiding and albeit your activity.

4.      Debate Posts
Posts causing debate which will most likely end in an argument. These are post which obviously aren’t seeking assistance or for selling/buying an item or service.

Expectations From Users
The following will result in a ban from the group if you cannot adhere to a friendly warning first. 

1.      Insulting/Slamming/Warnings Businesses or Individuals
We all suffer from bad service or have issue with people. Realistically, unless you have purchased from someone who has advertised it in the group, then this isn’t the place to be complaining and starting a witch hunt.

Usually this can create a nasty knock on effect especially for local businesses where an incompetent member of staff or management can destroy others hard work.

There are other groups that are set up for the sole purpose, this is the place to air this one out.

2.      Distance Selling/Posting Items
The local groups are designed for you to actively meet with the person you are selling to, in order for you to view the goods first. If you need to post the item to your “customer” then this is not the place for you. 

3.      Arguments & Disagreements
It’s given that people will not get on from time to time. Rather than banning people for clashing, we would prefer to delete the post and advise the people involved in the conflict to not re-post. However, slating the admin will not ever end well!

4.      Powers of the Admins
Whilst Facebook is a free tool, the amount of time given to run this group can run into the several hours a day or virtually living on Facebook. The Admin’s do have a job to do and like to be considered to be conducting it fairly. 

However, interrupting or “butting-in” on an Admin’s sale will result in your post getting deleted. Generally this is not viewed as a rule, and more of a given courtesy in any given sales environment, especially when it comes to stealing someone’s customer from right under their nose.

The Admin’s will also respect that others may offer similar products & services to them and will not look to “but-in” on their activities and steal their customers either.

5.      Business Advertising
If it is obvious from your profile name or your posts that you are operating as a business you are not permitted to advertise your business, goods or services without admin approval. Paid adverts will be regulated differently.

The only exception to this rules is to allow local bike shops to sell their second hand bikes.

6.      Bumping
Every 24 hours is considered the socially excepted norm. No one is going to police this unless you tend to become an annoyance to other users. Should you feel the need to bump more frequently, just be considerate of other users. Please try and mix your bumping so you’re not bumping all your similar items at once.

7.      Wanted Posts
Before creating a ‘Wanted’ post, browse the posts for what you want. Better still on the desktop version of Facebook you can search the group using keywords e.g. BMX. If you can’t find what you want feel free to create a ‘Wanted’ post.

8.      Excessive Posts from same member
Some users find the constant posts from the same member irritating. If you are selling multiples items please limit to four at a time or make sure they are spaced out. Again this is not regulated, but we wish to promote an environment that is not an annoyance to its users.

9.      Duplicate Posts
Do not create duplicate posts, find your original post and bump it. If you do not know how to find your old posts Google it.

Buying and Selling
Please make sure both buyer and seller are happy with the terms, we advise that all buyers meet at the sellers premises and see the item working, if this is not possible then it is YOUR responsibility if the goods don’t work or are not suitable - you MUST go and see the goods and hand over money only when satisfied they are working - please report all bad buyers/sellers to admin here.

The admins reserve the right to remove a user without warning should they deem the level of complaint sufficient enough for action.


Trading Standards
Trading standards actively monitor this group and are welcomed, we believe any businesses and services should have to adhere to their rules, we also welcome them in a bid to stop potentially sales of stolen and counterfeit goods. We as admin will NOT take responsibility for the foolish people who try and use this site to avoid the trading standards, nor will we allow nor accept prosecution for it, thus we do EVERYTHING in our power to prevent it and welcome the Trading Standards and any requests for data they may bring.


Paid Adverts
If you wish to speak about advertising with us then email

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      I commented first on something yet the seller sold to someone else, why is this?
Its a buyers and sellers prerogative, the seller can choose whoever he/she wants to sell to and for whatever reason that they choose, just as a buyer can decide not to purchase an item they have commented on.

Like in retail, anyone can refuse sale of their goods to anyone, even if they are “first in the queue”

2.      I had an agreement with a seller and now they’ve backed out
Firstly, see paragraph A. 

Sorry to say sucks to be you right now, but it’s legal and allowed. Besides our involvement won’t change much except waste a lot more time than you’ve already had wasted.

You can message us a little note, so we can become aware. This way, if the seller frequently does this to their buyers, for what we deem to be weak excuses such as “I am not allowed to sell this”, or “I’ve changed my mind because I want to keep it” then we will look to remove them from the group. Sadly, better offers of money are not deemed as a weak reason, as let’s face it we all want the best offer for our stuff! If the seller wasn’t in it for the money they’d of recycled it or given it away.

3.      I sold an item (or gave it away) and now the buyer/collector is selling it on the group (for more in some cases!), is this right?
Once the deal is done between buyer and seller and the transaction takes place it is now the buyers item, thus they can do as they please with it, and you as the original seller have no right or claim over it - even if you gave it for free!

4.      Someone is trying to publically “steal my sale” on my post
This is annoying and irritates us, as its general sales etiquette to not sell something in someone else’s store, nor should it be the same online. If you know the person then maybe you should message them instead? Otherwise, write your own post J

5.      I think someone is trying to rip people off as I’ve seen it cheaper elsewhere
Don’t it’s not your business to get involved. You may see it as being helpful, this just generally ends up in an argument. People don’t put up signs saying “Don’t buy this as it’s cheaper in….” in retail shops, so it should be the same online. It’s the buyer’s responsibility to be vigilant enough to check on the actual worth of the item they are buying.

6.      My Partner/Friend has been trying to join but keeps getting refused or cant, why?
Our vetting process is a little complex but it can come down to something as simple as their privacy settings not showing them as local or working locally (or even schooled locally) - don’t worry, simply comment below asking admin to let them in, please give us at least 24 hours since them requesting to join before you comment.

7.      Someone I know has been banned, yet they have stuck to the rules, why?
People ONLY get banned because they break the rules, we don’t have a god complex and we actually want people to use our group, the rules are here to be followed, commenting on troll/joke posts could lead to a ban, commenting on posts with your opinion of the item/buyer (even if its valid!) could lead to a ban, swearing, mockery and rudeness will also lead to a ban.

8.      I posted a warning yet it/I got removed, this is unfair, why?
This is a buy sell site, anything else is at our discretion, naming and shaming is not allowed (and could lead us to a prosecution) no admin will go to court because of you, so please don’t do it.

9.      I am no longer in the group, but I can rejoin? What happened there?
Most likely one of our admins was using their mobile phone and needed to deal with something quickly due to their own time constraints. This usually indicates you’ve done something against our rules, but you’ve not been pesky enough to be permanently banned. Best advice, don’t debate it just put it down to experience and move on.

10.  Someone says they’ve messaged me and I can’t see anything, why?
Facebook will not notify you of a private message from someone who you do not have any friends in common with. The messages go into "others messages" which you will find by clicking on messages on left side bar, they will come up underneath.