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So you want to sell your bike?

How to sell your bike, bicycle or cycle for free.

Well you found it this far, the next thing to do is select a group sell your bike in on the Bicycle Buy and Sell Homepage. You will find a list or regional groups that cover most of the major counties and cities in the UK. Simply find the group you wish to join click through to the Facebook group and select the join button. 

The request will come through to myself I will approve your request so that you can post on to the group. When approving requests if it is difficult for me to ascertain if you are a genuine Facebook account, I may not approve you. This is because there are a lot of false profiles on Facebook and I like to be sure that when I approve someone that they are going to use the group for the correct purposes. If I fail to approve you, please message me to prove that you are a real person and I will approve your request.

Once you have successfully joined the group, you can post your item you have for sale. On some of my Bicycle Buy and Sell groups Facebook have introduced selling functionality and others don't as of yet, this is out of my control. Click on ‘sell something’ or ‘write a post’.

Give your post a good title, this is important as buyers can search a group and giving a post a good title will mean that if somebody is searching the group for an item you are selling that it will appear in their search results. In the title you want to describe the make model frame size and wheel size of your bike.

In the price you want to indicate a price at which you will be happy to sell your bike. Resist the temptation to simply ask for ‘offers’ as this does not attract as much attention as stating a price. If you are unsure of the price you should be asking, for a good condition second hand bike, 60 percent of the price you paid, is a good rule of thumb. Alternatively search on ebay for the same or similar models to find what they have sold for (not what they are asking for).

State where are the item is to be picked up from or whether you are happy to deliver or post.

In the description give a good description of the bike which would include its service history, its mileage, its high level features and any additional accessories or modifications made to the bike. Mention whether accessories shown in the picture are included or not and any obvious damage that maybe more than is expected for the age and condition of bike.

Upload some pictures of the bike and also pictures of items that may be of interest to the seller. These may include accessories upgrades and damage.

It is important to read the group rules which can be found from the home page of this website but in summary those rules are asking you as a seller and buyers to act with respect and courtesy

Good luck with selling your bike and if you want to extend the area in which you are prepared to deliver why not join additional adjacent groups and posted in there as well?

Happy selling!